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Information of ESDM Portal

1.  ESDM One Map Indonesia

Link: http://geoportal.esdm.go.id/peng_umum/

The contents of ESDM One Map Geoportal are:
Oil and Gas: Working area, Status (exploration/exploitation), name of KKKS (PSC), location, coordinates area.
Mineral and Coal: Company name, district, province, calorie class, status (stages), type of permit, coordinates (longitude / latitude).


2. Portal – Minerba One Data Indonesia (MODI)

Link: https://modi.minerba.esdm.go.id/portal/dataPerusahaan

The contents of the MODI Portal are:
Company Data: Company name & PT, Company address & No. Tel, Shareholders, Directors, NPWP (tax id) of the company, Production and PNBP, History of mining permits & stages of activities, Area, Contract date, SK permit number, Production plan history and realization.
Data Summary: State revenue, DBH (revenue sharing), investment, plans and realization of production and sales, licensing status, Community Development Fund, labor.


3.  Dashboard Lifting – SKK Migas

Link: https://lifting.skkmigas.go.id/tab/lifting2/index.php#

This dashboard contains the results of the performance of lifting oil and gas operating in the territory of Indonesia, such as: Working area, PSC / name of KKKS , total volume / barrel.

dashboard lifting skk migas