Tuesday , 31 March 2020
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Financial Report and CSR of SOE’s

Here are the data URLs of some financial report companies and CSR Reports on SOEs, among them are: 1. PT. Bukit Asam Tbk – Financial Report (Audited) – CSR Report – Annual Report 2. PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk – Annual Report – Sustainability Report 2015 – Partnership and Community Development Program Report 2015 – Financial Report – CSR Report 3. PT. Timah Tbk – Financial Report – Data CSR – Sustainability Report – Annual Report CSR and Beneficiary Data from SOE Companies. the statement of the state-owned company does not collect state revenues on behalf of the government Read More »

Oil and Gas Company Statement Sheet 2015

Assessment on Data Reliability in EITI Report 2015: 1. Mineral and Coal Companies: – Number of companies that compulsory to submit report are 123 companies – Number of companies that submit report are 85 companies – Among 85 companies that submitted report, there were 8 companies did not give letter of assurance from it’s authorized director. These companies share 1,76% of total non-tax revenues (PNBP). 2. Oil and Gas Companies: – Similar with mineral and coal companies in Oil and Gas Companies, only 5 companies (among 64 companies) did not submitted letter of assurance from it’s director. They share 0,49% of total lifting value. ... Read More »

EITI 2015 Reporting Form – PT Pertamina

Here is the data of EITI 2015 reporting form filled by PT. Pertamina. – Dividends paid to the Government – Additional capital from the Government – Petroleum Exports – Natural Gas Exports – Provision of Infrastructure – Toll Fee – Realization of 3kg of BBM and LPG subsidy. Read More »

Data Revenue of EITI 2015

The following revenue data including EITI standard requirements such as Revenue Allocation, Revenue Collection and Socio-economic Contribution, the data is taken from EITI report 2015: 1. Data of State Revenue of Mineral and Coal Companies in 2015. This dataset contains a description of the column: – Company List (PKP2B, KK, IUP) – PDRD (Local Tax and Regional Retribution) – PBB (Land Tax) – Direct Payment to Local Government – CSR – Provision of Infrastructure – PNBP of forest area – DMO of Coal 2. State of Revenue Data of Oil and Gas Company (KKKS Operator) in 2015. This dataset contains ... Read More »

List of Reporting Company Entities 2015

The following is the Entity Entity of the Reporting Entity of 2015, which includes KKKS Operator companies and minerals companies, among them as follows: 1. Operator Company KKKS (Oil and Gas) 2. Mineral and Coal Company Read More »

EITI Commodity Trading Report in Indonesia

Indonesia’s first commodity trading report is a set of 1,909 transaction records supplied by the upstream regulator SKK Migas. All the data in these records were previously available on the SKK Migas’s website. The recorded value of the transactions, covering shipments of 115 million barrels of crude oil and condensates, is $4.74 billion. Most or all of the transactions included are valued under the Indonesian Crude Price (ICP), an official selling system governing oil and condensates produced in Indonesia and intended for domestic consumption there. Read More »

Regulations and Policies in Financial Sector

REGULATION/RULES CONSTITUTIONS GOVERNANCE OF FINANCIAL REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY A.  CONSTITUTIONS 1.  UU 20/1997 Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) DOWNLOAD 1.  UU 17/2003 Financial State DOWNLOAD 2.  UU 33/2004 Financial Balance DOWNLOAD B. GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 1.  PP 22/1997 Types and Deposits of PNBP DOWNLOAD 2.  PP 01/2004 Procedures for the Delivery of Plans and Realization Report of PNBP DOWNLOAD 3.  PP 55/2005 Balancing Fund DOWNLOAD 4.  PP 29/2009 Procedures for determining the amount, payment and remittance of PNBP payable DOWNLOAD 6.  PP 09/2012 Types & tariffs on PNBP types applicable to Ministry of Energy Recources DOWNLOAD 7.  PP 27/2017 Refundable operating expenses and income tax treatment in the upstream business ... Read More »