Tuesday , 31 March 2020
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Ministerial Decree of Secretariat of the Transparency Team and Members of the Extractive Industry Team

Following, we submit the Decree of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs number 271/2018 concerning the Secretariat of the Extractive Industries Transparency Team and the Decree of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs number 270/2018 concerning Membership of the Extractive Industry Transparency of Transparency Team from Local Government Representatives, Representatives of Company Associations and Civil Society Organization. Read More »

TOR of MSG 2018

This is the following files with Bahasa and English of The EITI Indonesia TOR MSG (updated by 2018): Read More »

Initial Comments of Pre-Validation on 1 Sep 2018

Initial comments on Indonesia’s 2015 EITI Report and other requirements The following action points should be addressed before Validation commences on 1 September 2018. Additional information should be disclosed in Indonesia’s EITI website, that has been addressed in this notes as below: Read More »

EITI Indonesia Impact Assessment Study Report

This impact study aims to review the implementation of Indonesia’s EITI activities and their impacts and provide recommendations for EITI Indonesia to have a greater impact on the community in accordance with the role that EITI Indonesia should have, namely to be a mediator and catalyst for the development of an atmosphere of transparency and accountability in extractive industries that encourage active participation the community in the reformative movement towards good and sustainable governance. The scope of this impact study includes functional performance reviews, organizational performance reviews, and organizational governance reviews. The method used is the comparative method, which compares ... Read More »

EITI Indonesia Summary Data Template

EITI Requirement 7.1.c in the EITI Standard 2016 states that multi-stakeholder groups are required to: “Make the EITI Report available in an open data format (xslx or csv) online and publicise its availability.” In addition, section 5.4 of the Standard Terms of Reference for Independent Administrators requires the delivery of “summary data from the EITI Report electronically to the International Secretariat according to the standardised reporting format available from the International Secretariat”. The following is a Summary of Indonesian Data Templates summarized from the results of the reconciliation of the EITI Indonesia report from 2009 – 2015. Read More »