Wednesday , 17 October 2018
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Information of ESDM Portal

1.  ESDM One Map Indonesia Link: The contents of ESDM One Map Geoportal are: - Oil and Gas: Working area, Status (exploration/exploitation), name of KKKS (PSC), location, coordinates area. - Mineral and Coal: Company name, district, province, calorie class, status (stages), type of permit, coordinates (longitude / latitude). 2. Portal – Minerba One Data Indonesia (MODI) Link: The contents of the MODI Portal are: - Company Data: Company name & PT, Company address & No. Tel, Shareholders, Directors, NPWP (tax id) of the company, Production and PNBP, History of mining permits & stages of activities, Area, Contract date, SK permit number, Production ... Read More »

Direct subnational payments

The following are direct payments of Minerba Companies and Oil and Gas (KKKS) Companies to Local Governments, including PDRD data and Direct Payments to LGs. The data can be downloaded in the following files: Read More »

License Allocations Technical and Financial Criteria

On the license allocation to the technical and financial criteria in the oil and gas sector and minerba 2015: In the oil and gas sector is the list of transfer of participating interest (PI) and regulations such as the EITI report as follows: Transfer of Participating Interest (PI) for Oil and Gas. The definition of Participating Interest stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance No. 257/2011 is Cooperation Contract Contractor’s right and obligation, either directly or indirectly, on a working area. PI transfer must be approved by Minister of EMR and take into account SKK Migas’ considerations as stipulated ... Read More »

EITI Commodity Trading Report in Indonesia


Indonesia’s first commodity trading report is a set of 1,909 transaction records supplied by the upstream regulator SKK Migas. All the data in these records were previously available on the SKK Migas’s website. The recorded value of the transactions, covering shipments of 115 million barrels of crude oil and condensates, is $4.74 billion. Most or all of the transactions included are valued under the Indonesian Crude Price (ICP), an official selling system governing oil and condensates produced in Indonesia and intended for domestic consumption there. Read More »

Roadmap of Beneficiary Ownership Transparency in the Extractive Industries

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EITI Indonesia publishes Roadmap of Extractive Industries Transparency Beneficial Ownership in Indonesia. This roadmap will guide the implementation of Beneficial Ownership transparency. EITI implementing countries must publish information about the name, domicile and nationality of the real owner of extractive companies by 2020. Read More »

PSC Contract Draft


This document is an example of a production sharing contract (PSC) between SKK Migas with companies Read More »