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EITI Indonesia Reporting Form Local Government – 2015

The following Indonesia’s EITI Reporting Form Template Completion of three (3) representatives from local government, including: 1. Regional Government of South Kalimantan Province 2. Local Government of Riau Province 3. East Java Provincial Government Read More »

EITI Indonesia Reporting Form Ministry of Finance – 2015

The following Indonesian EITI Reporting Form 2015 for Template Completion of the Ministry of Finance, among others: 1. Directorate General of Treasury Template Form Isian Laporan EITI 2015 untuk Ditjen Perbendaharaan 2. Directorate General of Taxes 3. Directorate General of Budget 4. Directorate General of Fiscal Balance Read More »

Annual Progress Report 2016

cover progress report 2016_1

As part of transparency and accountability of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Indonesia, as well as in fulfilment of EITI Global Standard, The EITI Indonesia Secretariat had composed and published Annual Progress Report 2016. This document could be used as a reference in evaluating the performance of the Indonesia Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Multi Stakeholder Team. Read More »

Regulations and Policies Mineral and Coal Sector


REGULATION/RULES CONSTITUTIONS GOVERNANCE OF MINERAL & COAL SECTOR EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY A.  CONSTITUTIONS 1.  UU 4/2009 Mineral & Coals DOWNLOAD 2.  UU 23/2014 Local Government DOWNLOAD B. GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 1.  PP 22/2010 Mining Areas DOWNLOAD 2.  PP 55/2010 Minerba Coaching & Supervision DOWNLOAD 3.  PP 78/2010 Mine Reclamation DOWNLOAD 4.  PP 9/2012 Type & Tariff of Minieral and Coal PNBP DOWNLOAD 6.  PP 23/2010 Minerba Business Activities DOWNLOAD 7.  PP 24/2012 Minerba Business Activities DOWNLOAD 8.  PP 01/2014 Minerba Business Activities DOWNLOAD 9.  PP 77/2014 Minerba Business Activities DOWNLOAD 10.  PP 01/2017 Minerba Business Activities DOWNLOAD C. PRESIDENT INSTRUCTIONS 1. Inpres 3/2013 Accelerated Increase of Mineral Added Value DOWNLOAD 2. Inpres 1/2012 Coal Business Supervision ... Read More »

Regulations and Policies Oil and Gas Sector


REGULATION/RULES CONSTITUTIONS GOVERNANCE OF OIL & GAS SECTOR EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY A.  CONSTITUTIONS 1.  UU 22/2001 About Oil and Gas DOWNLOAD B. GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 1.  PP 35/2004 Upstream Oil and Gas Activities DOWNLOAD 2.  PP 34/2005 Upstream Oil and Gas Activities DOWNLOAD 3.  PP 55/2009  About the Second Amendment, Upstream Oil and Gas Activities DOWNLOAD 4. PP 79/2010 Cost recovery DOWNLOAD 5. PP 23/2015 about Natural Resources Management of Oil and Gas in Aceh DOWNLOAD C. PRESIDENT INSTRUCTIONS AND PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 1. Inpres 2/2012 about Increasing Oil and Gas Production DOWNLOAD 2. Perpres 95/2012 about Transfer of Authority of BP Migas DOWNLOAD 3.  Perpres 9/2013 about Formation of SKK Migas DOWNLOAD D. REGULATIONS OF ... Read More »